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In late 2011 I met with a good man by the name of Michael Napolielo who worked with Ted Field at Radar Pictures. Our meeting was targeted at building a show around the chaos that had become my life as a DJ…..during our meeting however Rob Kahane who was the head of music for Ted at his record label Trauma Records popped his head in to talk to Michael and that escalated into a co-publishing publishing deal with Trauma 2 records and BMG.

In March 2012 my cousin John Saviano and I went into the studio to record 2 records for one of their new artists, Savannah. Colors was actually not even the record that was supposed to be her first single, but turned out to be a stronger fit…the original record was mastered by Manny Maraquin and everyone at the label was hyped on its release, but unfortunately there had been set back after set back to a record that seemed like it would never see the light of day….fast forward to September of 2013 and we were asked to remaster the record for a target release date in the coming months….Finally the record hit iTunes and has been circulating commercial radio since Dec 2013 and growing….

Since this record started in 2011 so much has changed that it was absolutely necessary for us to give this record new life in the Electronic Dance scene and for DJs to play in the live set, so we gave it a well deserved Savi Remix.  Check out the preview below….we have been playing this already all over the US and its been hitting hard in the clubs….

Written By: Lauren Dyson

Download your copy of the original here