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This was by far one of my favorite shows…I literally started the night from scratch but shortly after this place was jumpin’! I played a total of 4 hours and it was very cool to take this room on a journey from beginning to end starting with a track like Tarantula from Pleasurekraft and working into tracks like Alright by Mark Knight, The Muzzaik Remix of The Zoo, and Alex Kenji’s Let Get This Thing Started and then picking it up with tracks like Chris Lakes Running Out and Bingo Players Sliced, by 1230 the room was hungry to go big and when I dropped Third Party’s Feel all of XS went nuts…

I held nothing back for my final hour dropping many of my own Bootlegs including “In For The Incredible Hurricane” tying in both Daddy’s Groove and Carnage/Borgore’s new tracks with the powerful vocals from Le Roux and driving forward from there into every massive banger I own in a row including my very own soon to be released Valetto track “Mr. Belvedere” and “If I Could”. I closed the show with our Valetto collab with Taryn Manning “Send Me Your Love.” The biggest compliment for me was the manager asking If I could start bringing it down at 4:30 am so that people would start leaving because they wanted to close it down….Keeping a full room going hard this late on a Sunday night was insanely rewarding and a strong reminder why EDM is so powerful when performed creatively!

Check out some pics from the show below: