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Chaos can not even begin to describe how this back to back Day & Night went! One of my best experiences as a DJ to date…I arrived in Vegas at 9am on no sleep from my gig the prior night at Drais hoping to catch a couple hour power nap, but unfortunately my room was unavailable until noon. I started the pool at Noon to a full Marquee Day Club and by 1:30 they were at capacity! The entire day was chaos from start to finish. Dash Berlin went on at 4pm and this crowd didnt slow down until close! [Check the pictures Below]

Fast forward a couple hours and I filled my tank up with 45 minutes of power sleep in order to prepare for round 2….I didn’t think I had anything left but Marquee Nightclub reached capacity by 11pm and I was feeding off adrenaline. I held off as long as I could but by then it was go time and the room exploded without stop until 6am. Avicii went on at 1:30 followed by a guest appearance from Dash Berlin and I returned to close the room from 5-6 am. The recap video gives a direct insight into the chaos & the pictures are incredible….what an unforgettable experience!